Foamed Concrete

Master Mix Concrete can supply you with foamed concrete, otherwise known as reduced density concrete straight to your building site. If you need foamed concrete in Watford or the surrounding areas be sure to call us for same or next day delivery.

Foamed concrete is created in our volumetric concrete mixer using an air entraining admixture to create air bubbles within the concrete. This aerated concrete then becomes a lightweight material that has many benefits.

Using our volumetric concrete mixers we can pump or place foamed concrete at your required location simply and efficiently. Foamed concrete can be mixed in a range of different mix designs, so we ensure we mix it on-site so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Why choose foamed concrete?

  • Much lighter than normal concrete
  • A very strong material despite its lower density
  • Due to the air bubbles within it, foamed concrete is a good insulator
  • Only pay for what you use!

Not found the answers you need about the benefits of using foamed concrete? Be sure to get in touch with our team today, we’re always happy to help you make a decision.