Concrete supplier in Borehamwood

Master Mix Concrete is committed to providing building contractors and domestic clients in Borehamwood and the surrounding areas with access to high-quality and efficient concrete delivery services. Whether you require lightweight concrete for a big property development or a standard concrete mix for your home renovation project, we will tailor our offering to meet your exact needs. Our volumetric mixers enable us to batch our readymix concrete to your specification and deliver as much or as little of it as you require (we are able to keep up with the demands of even the most intense commercial projects). We can organise same- or next-day delivery, and, as there is no waste, you only pay for the concrete you use!

Borehamwood concrete delivery services

Whatever type of concrete you are looking for, our expert team will help you find it. As your local concrete supplier in Borehamwood, here are just some of the expert services we offer.

Floor screed
For a smooth, even finish to a concrete floor, our screed is perfect. It will level out any bumps and ensure that, if you decide not to cover your floor with carpet or floorboards, it still looks attractive.

Liquid screed
We like recommending liquid screed for our clients as it is generally quicker and easier to apply than the traditional version, meaning our clients can get on with the rest of their building project sooner.

Domestic concrete
Whether you are building an extension, renovating a driveway or converting a space within your home, we can deliver the concrete you require.

Commercial concrete
We can produce a fast turnaround of concrete for a wide range of commercial building projects – from large-scale property developments to site renovations for shops, hotels or restaurants.

Concrete floors
Your floor needs to be able to cope with the repeated impact of footfall and pressure from constant use. Our team will help you find the ideal mix to ensure that your property’s concrete floor is strong, durable and long-lasting.

Foamed concrete
This aerated concrete is ideal for partition walls and firewalls. It is a strong, lightweight and low-density material that easily spreads to fill any gaps.

Concrete pumping
Some sites are not suitable for traditional concrete pouring tools such as dumper trucks and wheelbarrows. If your site has accessibility issues, then we can subcontract a concrete pump to ensure the efficient delivery of your concrete.

Our concrete types

As we use volumetric mixers, we are able to batch the precise volume and blend of concrete that you require. You may already know which type of concrete you need for your project – if so, then simply tell our team when you place an order. For more information about the Borehamwood concrete delivery options we have available, take a look at our guide or just ask a member of our team.

Here at Master Mix Concrete, we’re proud to be your trusted readymix concrete supplier in Borehamwood. To find out more or to place an order for concrete, please contact us today.