Concrete delivery services in Bedmond

Master Mix Concrete is your trusted concrete supplier in Bedmond and other nearby areas. Our friendly and dedicated team works hard to ensure we deliver a top-quality service. With our same- and next-day delivery options, we aim to help you keep your project moving smoothly and without unnecessary delays. With our highly efficient volumetric mixers, we can measure the exact amount of concrete you require and tailor the mix to your specifications. This means you only pay for the concrete you use. For cost-efficient, waste-free, tailored concrete delivery services, look no further than Master Mix Concrete.

Concrete supplier in Bedmond

Our Bedmond concrete delivery services cover a wide range of different types of concrete. Our skilled and experienced team is always on hand to help you pick the right concrete mix. Take a look at some of the expert services we provide below:

Floor screed
We pour our floor screed using a wheelbarrow and concrete float to provide a neat and sleek finish. This screed is an attractive top layer on its own and it also creates an even base for you to lay tiles or carpet on top of.

Liquid screed
Easy-to-pour and fast-drying, this screed is a popular option for levelling floors and for use with underfloor heating systems.

Domestic concrete
Whether you’re working on home improvements or refurbishing your garden, we can provide concrete for all manner of domestic projects with the help of our volumetric mixers. We frequently pour concrete for home extensions, conversions and garden projects like patios, shed bases and driveways.

Commercial concrete
We often work with commercial contractors, providing concrete for a wide range of renovation projects – from schools and shopping centres to hospitals and residential complexes. You can trust us to deliver the high volumes of concrete you need quickly and efficiently.

Concrete floors
Your concrete floor needs to be strong and resilient. Our team of experts can help you find the ideal mix to make sure your floor can take the pressure of repeated footfall.

Foamed concrete
Low-density, lightweight and tough, our foamed concrete is a popular choice for firewalls and partition walls. We can either pour it straight onto your site or deliver it to you in bricks.

Concrete pumping
Even if your construction site has accessibility issues, we can still reach you with our sub-contracted pumps.

Need further advice?

If you need more information before you book with us – no worries. Our comprehensive guide outlines all the different types of concrete we offer and their various uses. Remember, if you need to change or add to your order while we’re on-site, we can accommodate this.

Once you’re ready to order your concrete, contact us to book. For Bedmond concrete delivery services you can trust, get in touch with Master Mix Concrete today.