Case Study: Reinforced External Slab in Stanmore

General News · 8th March 2024

A Master Mix Concrete Case Study


Master Mix Concrete, a trusted supplier of ready mix concrete and renowned for its reliable and efficient concrete delivery service, was recently approached by a client in Stanmore for a project requiring a reinforced external slab. The client sought a supplier who could deliver high-quality concrete promptly and efficiently. With their expert team and commitment to excellent customer service, Master Mix Concrete was well-equipped to meet the requirements of this project.

Job Background

Master Mix Concrete’s customer in Stanmore required a reinforced external slab for a storage building. It was the first time pouring at this particular site, and the access was described as tight. The client sought a supplier who could handle the constraints of the site and deliver the concrete promptly and efficiently. Choosing Master Mix Concrete, known for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, proved to be an ideal solution for the project.


To fulfil the client’s requirements, Master Mix Concrete had to deliver 16m3 of very high strength C40 concrete. This volume of concrete was supplied by two volumetric mixer trucks and was to be pumped using a line pump. The job called for exceptional attention to detail and precise delivery to ensure the reinforced external slab met the necessary standards.

Challenges and Solutions

The tight access to the site posed a challenge, requiring skilled operators to navigate the space efficiently. However, Master Mix Concrete’s experienced drivers and operators successfully managed the constraints of the site. Despite these challenges, the team remained dedicated to delivering the concrete on time and at a great pace, ensuring a seamless project completion.

Techniques and Hardware Used

Master Mix Concrete’s transport manager collaborated with the operators to structure the arrival time between the two volumetric mixer trucks. This strategic planning ensured a continuous flow of concrete and streamlined the process, enabling the team to complete the job efficiently. The use of a line pump facilitated the delivery of the high-strength C40 concrete to the desired location with precision and accuracy, despite the tight access on the site.


Master Mix Concrete accomplished the project’s goals by delivering the 16m3 of very high strength C40 concrete required for the reinforced external slab in Stanmore. The client expressed satisfaction with the on-time delivery and the cleanliness of the site following completion. This success is a testament to Master Mix Concrete’s commitment to excellent customer service and their expertise in delivering top-notch concrete solutions. As a supplier, Master Mix Concrete continues to demonstrate their dedication to providing the highest quality ready mix concrete, tailored to the unique requirements of each project they undertake.



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