General News · 16th August 2018

Master Mix Concrete supplies ready mix concrete to domestic and commercial customers in Watford, Harrow and the North London area. Using our volumetric concrete mixers we can service construction sites ranging from small garden shed bases to commercial elevator shafts, no matter the size, we can service your requirements and you only pay for the concrete you use!

Our team of operators have been handy with their cameras and we’ve put together this article to show you the wide range of building sites and jobs that we service.

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In order to erect a log cabin on this domestic site in Watford, the Master Mix Concrete team had to lay concrete pump pipeline all the way down this long garden via side access to the property.

External concrete slab floated and finished in Watford

A beauty shot of a floated external concrete slab. Our teams supply contractors in and around the Watford area and can provide concrete pump hire services and screed delivery.

One of our mixers and pumps, working together to efficiently transport concrete from the road side to the pour site. With the appropriate amount of space, our concrete pumps are a quick solution to getting concrete into restricted access areas.

This handy chute allowed us to carry out a straight pour for a retaining wall at this domestic site.

Concrete needed to be transported uphill through restricted side access and to the rear of this garden for a shed base. The pump and mixer team made short work of the pour!

We made use of a boom pump to get concrete onto the second floor

We covered a lot of ground for this large yard area which required multiple external slabs for parking articulated lorries.

The building contractor on this domestic building site in Watford used a dumper to transport concrete. This is an efficient way of moving large quantities of concrete, however a concrete pump is a more precise, and cleaner(!), method of getting concrete where it needs to be.

A common site! A Volumetric concrete mixer and a concrete pump working together. The mixer pours concrete into the pump’s hopper, and the pump pushes the concrete down a series of metal pipes and rubber hoses. Concrete pumps can transport concrete 100s of metres, through alleyways and down into basements.

We supplied the concrete for this small house extension in Watford. When working on domestic sites we often supply concrete for the footings such as these and then return to provide more concrete and screed for the flooring too.

When a site needs a large amount of concrete we will schedule multiple concrete mixers to deliver there. This building site in Watford required 20m³+ of concrete so we sent 2 volumetric mixers to supply the job back-to-back.

Our volumetric mixers produce the exact amount of concrete required, meaning you only have to pay for what you use…..Every Little Helps 😉 Filling in a trench for a refurbished fuel line at the Watford Tesco Extra forecourt.

The homeowner is building a new extension in Watford and required concrete transported down their narrow alleyway. We had to bring in the services of a concrete pump to help us pour concrete into the trench.

Another day, another Tesco forecourt concrete pour in Watford. The petrol station required a high strength concrete mix due to the HGVs and constant car traffic that would be driving on it.

This job required us to pour concrete for a 10 metre high partition wall on the grounds of a new build development in Watford. Due to the required height, the building contractor also hired in a 24 metre boom pump. The boom pump’s arm easily reached the 10 metre high wall, and our concrete was mixed and pumped into the cavity with no issues.

This ready mix concrete pour took place in Bricket Wood, a village North of Watford. We needed to pour concrete for a slab base in a garden. Although access was restricted our highly manoeuvrable auger arm and additional chute extensions enabled us to pour the concrete through the garden fence!

Just before Christmas 2016, during the sudden foggy weather, we delivered concrete to a beautiful mansion in Northwood, just South West of Watford. The property’s garden was being completely renovated and our concrete was used to lay down an exterior slab.

The fun never ends at Master Mix. Here’s a very early bird Master Mix mixer along with the team pouring concrete in Watford at a 5 am Saturday job!
This commercial concrete pour laid the foundations for a brand new coffee shop located just outside Watford in Elstree. The ground and sub-base had been well protected due to the cold weather and the mixer was able to drive right up to the trench to pour the ready mix concrete with ease.

Our operators know their concrete and construction and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! The builders on this domestic construction site in Watford needed a hand barrowing concrete and we gladly stepped in to help!

In early January we got involved with the renovation of a local pub in Chalfont St Peter. The interior of the pub was being completely renovated and required a new concrete slab to be laid on the ground floor. Can’t wait to go back when it opens for our complimentary pint!

Master Mix are often responsible for providing concrete to specialist commercial construction sites. The mixer’s extended chutes were used on this site in North London to pour concrete down into a new lift shaft.

These ongoing improvement and refurbishment works at Haste Hill golf course, just South of Watford, required ready mix concrete for a very large external slab. The foundations and slab we laid here will eventually hold the irrigation tank that will be used to maintain the golf course.

Domestic concrete pours are usually based on compact building sites with restricted access. Making it that much more important to keep the area safe and clean. This smaller sized concrete slab in Leavesden, North Watford looked so great that we couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it.

This customer was lucky enough to catch some rare rays of sun in Chertsey. We poured concrete into wheelbarrows to be transported from the front of the property to a rear foundation trench for a rear property extension.
Master Mix Concrete supplies the Watford area with quality ready mixed concrete and screed at competitive prices. As a family run business we take pride in our reliability and offer same and next day deliveries to small pours and big pours alike. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today if you need to book concrete, or have any questions our expert team can help you with.



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