Local Concrete Supplier in Kings Langley

If you’re working on a domestic or commercial building project in Kings Langley and need concrete delivered, look no further than Master Mix Concrete. Our local team can provide mix-on-site concrete to your site today, tomorrow or any day next week – whenever you need us. With our volumetric mixers, we are able to batch the exact volume and specification of concrete that you require for your project, with no waste. This means that, as well as getting concrete that is fresh, consistent and perfectly tailored to your site, you only pay for what you use!

Concrete delivery services in Kings Langley

Whatever your concrete requirements are for your project, we’re sure we can meet them. If you don’t see the service you need in the following list, just get in touch for a chat about how we can help. Here are just some of the Kings Langley concrete delivery services we offer:

Floor screed
Concrete flooring often benefits from a layer of screed to level it and remove any bumps. We’ll apply our traditional floor screed with a float or trowel.

Liquid screed
Our liquid screed is quick and convenient to pour, which makes it a popular choice for large-scale projects on tight deadlines (although it is suitable for all types of projects). It is often used for underfloor heating systems, as its fluidity enables it to fill any gaps around heating pipes, increasing their efficiency.

Domestic concrete
From garden shed bases and garage conversions to driveways, patios and extensions, we deliver concrete for a wide range of domestic projects.

Commercial concrete
Our experts are highly experienced in delivering concrete for large-scale commercial projects – whether that’s providing foundations and flooring for residential developments or renovating hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

Concrete floors
Our range of high-strength concretes is suitable for all types of flooring, ensuring your building’s floor is strong enough to be walked on every day.

Foamed concrete
This lightweight and low-density concrete can be delivered in blocks or pumped onsite. It is a popular option for partition walls and firewalls.

Concrete pumping
We can subcontract concrete pumps for any sites that have limited access or hard-to-reach areas. Doing so ensures that, however challenging a site is, our Kings Langley concrete delivery is always efficient, accurate and hassle-free.

Your concrete choices

As your local concrete supplier in Kings Langley, we offer a wide range of concrete types for you to choose from. If you already know which type you need, just let our team know. For a bit of guidance, you can read our guide or ask a member of our team. We’re always glad to help!

If you have a question, or want to book a delivery, contact us at Master Mix Concrete today.