Case Study:  Efficient Concrete Delivery in St Albans for Roadworks Barrier Replacement

General News ·25th July 2023

A Master Mix Concrete Case Study


In an ongoing effort to enhance road safety, our team was tasked with a critical concrete delivery in St Albans, specifically on the A414 from St Albans to Hatfield. The project involved updating and replacing old barriers along major roadways and roundabouts. Utilizing a strategic approach, we ensured a smooth pour on a busy roundabout, showcasing our expertise in concrete St Albans can rely on.

Job Background

As a return customer’s preferred choice, this project was part of an ongoing initiative to update old or damaged barriers along the main roads and roundabouts in Hertfordshire. With a lane closure in place, timing was of the essence, requiring precise coordination to arrive within the road closure timeframe. The reason for the job was clear: to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the roadways in St Albans.

Ready mix Concrete delivered for Roadworks in St Albans
Ready mix Concrete delivered for Roadworks in St Albans


The project called for a small but vital order of 6m3 high-strength ST4 mix, a concrete St Albans roadways needed for secure barrier posts. Our team ensured the delivery of quality materials with a fast dry time, arriving within the required time frames of the road closure. This meticulous planning ensured no disruptions to the local area, reflecting our commitment to community-conscious concrete delivery in St Albans.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was the road closure required for access, as the pour was on a main A road in St Albans. With a limited 2-hour window and the delivery completed in just 45 minutes, our team had to act swiftly and efficiently. The constraints were significant but not insurmountable, thanks to our experience and dedication to excellence.

Techniques and Hardware Used

To overcome the challenges, we utilized cutting-edge tools such as live view, online maps, and Google Earth view to locate the exact pour location in St Albans. This innovative approach prevented any delays, ensuring that the concrete delivery in St Albans was executed flawlessly.


The delivery was completed on time, efficiently, and to the client’s satisfaction. As a return customer for 18 months, the client continues to choose us week after week as their go-to company for all concrete in St Albans. This delivery’s success not only strengthened our relationship with the client but also reaffirmed our reputation as a trusted provider of concrete St Albans can depend on. The project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in St Albans and beyond.

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