Case Study: Master Mix Concrete Delivers High-Strength Slab for Equipment Storage in St Albans

General News · 17th February 2024

A Master Mix Concrete Case Study


Master Mix Concrete, a leading supplier of ready mix concrete in St Albans and the surrounding areas, recently undertook a project to cast a high-strength slab for equipment storage in a domestic property with a large garden. The client required a reliable and efficient solution, as well as expert advice and excellent customer service. Master Mix Concrete provided the perfect solution, delivering the required concrete mix in a timely manner, ensuring the project’s success.

Job Background

This project was a one-off delivery for a domestic property in St Albans. The primary objective was to cast a high-strength slab to store equipment, including a ride-on lawnmower, for the homeowner/landowner. Access to the site posed a challenge due to the wet ground and fielded area. As a result, transporting the concrete using the heavy mixer was not feasible. However, the knowledgeable customer anticipated this issue and hired a 1-tonne dumper to facilitate the concrete delivery.


Master Mix Concrete was entrusted with providing 3 cubic metres of a C30 concrete mix, tailored to meet the strength requirements of the equipment storage slab. The job was scheduled within a 2-hour time slot, emphasizing the importance of efficient and fast-paced service. The client’s previous experience and customer knowledge ensured they opted for a dumper, ensuring smooth and seamless concrete delivery.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge faced during this project was the inaccessibility of the site for heavy vehicles due to the risk of getting bogged down in the wet ground. However, the customer’s foresight in hiring a dumper mitigated this issue. Master Mix Concrete’s experienced team recognised the constraints and ensured they were resolved efficiently. Despite the potential obstacle, the delivery was made within the scheduled 2-hour window, resulting in minimal disruption to the client’s property.

Techniques and Hardware Used

To overcome the accessibility challenge, Master Mix Concrete employed their state-of-the-art volumetric concrete mixers. These mixers allowed for precise batching and ensured that only the required amount of concrete was mixed on-site, effectively eliminating any hidden charges for the client. The 1-tonne dumper hired by the customer facilitated the concrete delivery to the designated area, ensuring the project’s success.


Master Mix Concrete excelled in delivering a high-strength slab for equipment storage in St Albans. The project was completed within the allocated 2-hour time slot, demonstrating the company’s commitment to efficient service. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has since engaged Master Mix Concrete for other projects. The team’s dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to exceptional customer service were key factors in the project’s success. Master Mix Concrete continues to be a trusted supplier of ready mix concrete, providing tailored solutions for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the St Albans area.

Master Mix Domestic Concrete Delivery

“We were thoroughly impressed with Master Mix Concrete’s professionalism and expertise throughout the project. Their efficient service and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. The high-strength slab has exceeded our requirements, and we have since engaged them for additional projects.”


Happy Client



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