Case Study:  Ready Mix Concrete Delivery In St Albans for Large Extension Construction

General News ·25th July 2023

A Master Mix Concrete Case Study


Foundations for Growth in St Albans: Extending an Existing Building with Precision and Care

In the heart of St Albans, a project was undertaken to lay the foundations for a large extension to an existing building. Utilising straight pouring with extension chutes and a custom-built chute on site, our team reached even the trickiest sections, ensuring a robust foundation. This case study explores the challenges, techniques, and successful execution of this significant project.

Job Background

First Impressions and Strategic Planning

This project marked our first delivery to the location, leading to subsequent work for oversites and additional foundations. Using Google Maps, we assessed access and ground safety, a critical step in ensuring a smooth process for the renovation and construction of the new building in St Albans. The ability to adapt to a new location and build trust with the client set the stage for a successful collaboration.

Ready mix Concrete delivery in St Albans
Ready mix Concrete delivery in St Albans


Quality and Timeliness

The project required the on-time delivery of 12m^3 of C25 foundation grade concrete, all adhering to British Standards. This specific grade was chosen for its durability and strength, essential for the foundation of a large extension. Good communication with the customer enabled a straight pour, reflecting our commitment to quality concrete delivery in St Albans. The coordination between our team and the client ensured that the right materials were delivered at the right time.

Challenges and Solutions

Adhering to Noise Pollution Rules and Tight Scheduling

With no access restrictions but noise pollution considerations, we faced a unique challenge. We couldn’t start until after 8 am on a Saturday due to local regulations, and the need to complete the job before 10 am added pressure. Our team’s ability to plan and execute within this tight window showcased our adaptability and respect for community guidelines in St Albans.

Ready mix Concrete delivery in St Albans

Techniques and Hardware Used

Our logistics system links to Google Maps and allowed us to view access before attending the site in St Albans. This innovative approach ensured that we were well-prepared and able to execute the delivery efficiently. The use of technology in planning and execution is a testament to our commitment to leveraging modern tools to enhance our services.


On-Time Delivery, Positive Reviews, and Neighbor Satisfaction

The delivery was completed on time, the site was cleaned, and the neighbors were pleased with our adherence to noise pollution rules. The client left a positive review, reflecting our success in not only delivering quality concrete but also in building strong relationships in St Albans. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence, community consideration, and client satisfaction.

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